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Serving Township & Borough since 1935

Schedule (Calendar)

Second Tuesday of Each Month, 

Bussiness Meetings (Company & Relief Association)
Our Monthly meetings fall on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. If you have any agenda items, please be prepared to submit them at the meeting.


First Tuesday of Each Month, 


Truck Maintenance
The first Tuesday of every month is our scheduled truck maintenance night. We will be inspecting and doing any needed repairs or restocks on this night. This is always a good opportunity to catch us at the station.

Every Tuesday of Each Month,
(not listed above)


Every Tuesday throughout the year (with the exception of 1st and 2nd Tuesday's of the month) are our schedule Drill nights. Something is always planned to better the company and its members knowledge. A complete schedule will be posted at the hall or you can link to our facebook page below for general company updates.