Serving Township & Borough since 1935


Line Officers for 2019:

Fire Chief: Lou Zimmerman Jr.
Deputy Chief: Glenn Goehring
1st Captain: Randy St. Clair
2nd Captain: Bob Beige
Lieutenant: Tom Vrabely

Fire Police Captain & Lieutenant(s) for 2019:

Fire Police Captain: W. M. Shalbot
Fire Police 1st Lieutenant: Norm Angerett
Fire Police 2nd Lieutenant: Eugene Bartlett

Company Officers for 2019:

President: Glenn Goehring
Vice President: Ron Wagner
Recording Secretary / Personnel Secretary: Tracy St. Clair
Treasurer: W. M. Shalbot

Board of Directors: Tom Vrabely, Randy St. Clair, Bob Beige

Connoquenessing V.F.C. and Evans City Area V.F.D. Hosts Informative Meeting with Municipalities

- May 20, 2016 -